A Little of This and a Little of That

So far I have posted poems or coaching tidbits or other stuff, but never a combination.  Today, I offer the sampler all-in-one.  A photo from a recent trip to France.  I was so inspired by the tenacity of this little fig tree to survive, which made me think on the amazing resilience of people, which links thematically to a recent poem I wrote, about a moment in New York City.


He is from Senegal.
Standing solemn
in his small square of yard,
his hands flutter and pound rhythms
on the tall drum, expressing
what does not show in his face.

The sound rises like smoke
up the stairs and down the street
to his neighbor Bob,
and the “Reina de la Chicharron”
on the corner. Sirens, airplanes,
and the smell of roasting chicken
blend with the beats
to flavor the air.

Like a rose insisting its pinkness,
the drummer sends his message
to drift on the hot wind
across the concrete hive
and a wide ocean
to his brother at home.

A fig tree growing... in spite of...
A fig tree growing… in spite of…

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Suzanne Dudley

Writer, Coach, Actor... mom, and wrangler of many dogs. Pugslie, is but one of a small herd.

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