The Full Hollows

This is a poem I wrote while staying with a dear friend in Mailhac, France. It’s really as beautiful as it looks. I am so grateful for the trip and the friendship…

LaGrasse, France... "the abbey" in the poem...
LaGrasse, France… “the abbey” in the poem…

The Full Hollows

In the heart
the abbey, the nautilus, the iris,
the person, the horse, the cricket,
the berry, the house
the light and dark
hollow of potential,
a unique distilled, defining
un-nameable essence.

A silken, silent cord of spirit
pricks it awake as it threads
through and links the coeurs
one to another.
Sacred chambers strung like jewels,
a grand necklace
draped on the blue green planet.

Published by

Suzanne Dudley

Writer, Coach, Actor... mom, and wrangler of many dogs. Pugslie, is but one of a small herd.

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